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David Fineman

A Proven Advocate in Bankruptcy and Estate Planning

David Fineman

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At the forefront of F&L Law Group is David Fineman, a seasoned attorney with 16 years of legal expertise. Throughout his career, David has built a strong reputation for his unwavering dedication to clients and a proven track record of legal success. His practice areas encompass bankruptcy law, estate planning, asset protection, and business law, where he combines his extensive knowledge with innovative thinking to craft tailored solutions for each client’s unique circumstances.

David is renowned for his client-centric approach, emphasizing open communication and ethical standards to ensure that clients feel informed and confident at every step of their legal journey. Trusted by clients in Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, and beyond, David Fineman is a legal advocate who strives to protect your interests and provide the guidance necessary for a brighter and more secure future.

Expertise in Legal Practice Areas

Practice Areas

David Fineman brings a wealth of legal expertise to a diverse range of practice areas, providing clients with comprehensive solutions to their legal needs. With a focus on bankruptcy law, estate planning, and more, David’s commitment to excellence ensures that clients receive informed and strategic guidance for their unique situations.

Bankruptcy Law
Relief Through Resolve: Your Path to Financial Freedom
Estate Planning
Estate Planning: Secure Your Legacy, Ensure Your Peace of Mind
Asset Protection
Asset Protection: Safeguarding Your Wealth, Securing Your Future
Business Law
Business Law: Navigating Success, Shielding Your Ventures

Dedicated to serving the legal needs of both individuals and businesses, David Fineman is a seasoned attorney with a strong commitment to his clients. With a track record of success and a client-centric approach, he brings his extensive expertise to every case, ensuring that each client receives the best possible legal counsel and representation. Whether it’s bankruptcy law, estate planning, or any other area of practice, David’s passion for helping his clients navigate complex legal matters is evident in his unwavering dedication and tireless advocacy. When you choose David Fineman as your attorney, you’re not just getting legal advice; you’re gaining a trusted partner who is fully invested in your success.

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